Feeling like a single parent

This is something that has been on my mind for a while.

My wife has many limitations in what she can do, both physically and cognitively. Little things like helping the kids with their homework, making sure the clothes in their closet fit and they haven’t outgrown them or thinking ahead to what we might want to take on a picnic and packing the hamper. 
These are little things in isolation, but when they start to happen frequently and many times a day, it is difficult. I work full time and my wife is a stay at home mum. But it does feel like I am having to do a huge amount of thinking and doing on her behalf. I get frustrated and I suppose I struggle to separate the “MS limitations” from perceived “laziness”. 

I often find myself exhausted because it feels like I am a single parent of three children as opposed to a married father of two. 

We have spoken about making lists and creating reminders but my wife forgets to do this… In the end I find that it’s easier if I just do these things myself.

I don’t by any means want to diminish how the challenges that actual single parents deal with. I guess my point is I feel like one, despite not actually being one. 

Does anyone else feel like this?